EnqAI Documentation

Team & Advisors

enqAI was founded by the team behind noiseGPT
  • noise - Co Founder Mathematician by education. TG: @conradstrughold
  • M_RKZ - Co Founder Drifting between mathematics, finance, AI and political science. 10 years experience in government institutions at a national level. Experience in fund management and revenue optimization. Freedom absolutist. « We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.- Oscar Wilde TG: @M_RKZ
  • John Conquest - CTO Highly skilled ML Enthusiast who has spent the past decade helping Fortune 500 co's to small businesses modernize and adapt to new technologies. Started breaking computers at 3, and the rest is history. Today solves problems in FAANG and builds cool toys on the side. TG: @johnconquest
  • Cartel - Community Manager Crypto trader and Web3 community developer with over 4 years of experience in community development, blockchain research analysis and project management. TG: @cartelszn
  • Xixi - Business Development Region China
  • Hugo - Graphic Design & Branding
  • Coming soon - Jr. ML Engineer
  • Coming soon - Sr. ML Engineer
  • Sofia - Copywriter
  • Tommy2.eth 20 years in tech. Crypto since 2015. Focus on mobile, gaming, marketing, decentralized assets. Founder and investor across 10+ startups, with 2 major exits. Decentralisation maxi. He who is beneath. Tg: @t0mmy2
  • Hunter Creator of the enjoyoooor meme, interviewed by Martin Shkreli and rickrolled 18000 people in the @3arrowscap spaces, including Trabucco and a member of congress. Twitter: @impliedvols
  • GOAT Ferengi Former treasury ($120MM ) operator of VOLTA Club (formerly http://Wonderland.fi) and advisor to Savvy Defi. Twitter: @0xbossmang
  • Malik Obama Memewar veteran and gentleman. Twitter: @obamamalik