Lush AI

Lush Lush is the 1st vertically integrated modeling & OnlyFans agency, powered by A.I. and Web3. You can find their documentation here: enqAI - Lush partnership Then enqAI team and the Lush AI team got in contact discussing the use of an uncensored LLM to train on data to be used in sexually explicit conversations, something that can not be done with the big commercial LLM solutions available right now. Lush intends to use enqAI LLM API connection for this and the enqAI team will assist in finetuning models for chatting. enqAI is currently not involved in the image and/or video generation. As part of this partnership we've also committed to helping out Lush with initial exposure through our social media channels (including telegram, twitter and discord). For this Lush has airmarked 5% of their token supply to existing enqAI holders. We see huge potential in this application of generative AI and think the Lush team is well equipped to execute on their ambitions. The enqAI team will never advise people to buy any token whatsoever (this includes enqAI).