EnqAI Documentation


The enqAI token will go live December 9th 2023 (exact time to be disclosed). All noiseGPT holders will get their 1:1 enqAI allocation, you do not have to do anything. Liquidity on the enqAI/ETH pair will be bigger than on noiseGPT/ETH. Don't touch or trade any tokens until you have verified the contract address which will be published on three channels: enqai.com, twitter.com/enq_ai and t.me/noisegpt (telegram). The new token will have ZERO tax. FAQ What if I hold my noiseGPT on Ethereum/Arbitrum? Does not matter. You can keep it where it is, the allocation calculation is chain agnostic. I hold noiseGPT, do I need to do anything to get my enqAI? Nope. What will the price be? Since there is no dilution and the token will be 1:1 allocated to noiseGPT holders, it will go live at the price noiseGPT has at that moment. Will trading be interrupted? Trading in noiseGPT/enqAI will be as continuous as possible, but you can count on several minutes of disruption. Will the whitepaper be published before launch? Yes.