EnqAI Documentation


To summarize the plans laid out in the whitepaper, we intend to release according to the following schedule:
  • Q4 2023: 4Chanai.com Celebrating the spirit of Christmas, we will bring back a pretty good LLM release from a while ago, to show that AI is more fun without censorship. 2024 During the first month of 2024, we will be showing you some sneak previews of the LLM. We will demonstrate the power and edge of an uncensored model, by comparing outputs of our model with the outputs of our centralized and censored counterparts. The difference will be obvious. And ultimately, as the main focus point of our roadmap we should have the first release in Q1.
  • Q1: Beta release LLM We will be working closely together with different startups looking to utilize our LLM because of its uncensored nature and the usefulness of that in specific use cases (think of adult content and financial or medical advisory) We will demonstrate the fruits of our ongoing collaboration with Lush AI & Botifai.app During Q2 we will start with decentralizing our models (noiseGPT and enqAI LLM) to ensure a true censorship resistant network. Q2: Decentralization multiple models You will get to know the first public nodes and more details about the assignment-, slashing and staking mechanisms. For now that's enough to look forward to and further plans will be elaborated on in due time, although you might already start thinking about:
  • Q3: iOS App
  • Q4: Enlil3 & Staking
  • Q1: aiDult