enqAI token

The enqAI token will have multiple roles within the larger enqAI ecosystem:
  • incentives for LLM nodes
  • discount for inference clients
  • governance
  • network security through staking
  • incentivizing uptime of inference nodes
noiseGPT <> enqAI conversion
noiseGPT holders will get a 1:1 enqAI allocation without dilution, with an initial bidside (ETH) liquidity of enqAI larger than the liquidity of noiseGPT at time of snapshot, conversion will be free of charge, More details of the conversion will follow in due time. noiseGPT token details: NoiseGPT ETH Contract Address: 0xf23a2bf7619ad93300499c3fc7d7145a06cca562 NoiseGPT ARB Contract Address: 0xaDD5620057336f868EAe78A451C503Ae7b576BAD
TGE: February 2023, launch: stealth fair launch on uniswap, full supply. Token-mechanics: see enqAI whitepaper, token-distribution: token was fairly launched for full supply, no team tokens, no vc's, no vesting contract. 5% tax on Ethereum implemented up until December to ensure continuity for project after rebrand. Only use the official Arbitrum bridge: bridge.arbitrum.io