EnqAI Documentation

Introducing EnqAI

Welcome to the official documentation of EnqAI. This document will elaborate on all things EnqAI. The documentation will be updated as EnqAI evolves.
EnqAI - The People's AI
Named after Enki, the Sumerian god of wisdom, intelligence, mischief, and creation.
enqAI introduces unrestricted AI. From image and audio generation to large language models. Fully powered by a decentralized network of GPU nodes. This way we keep our models free of hidden biases, political agendas and censorship.
As AI and especially Large Language Models will play an increasingly important role in our society, from entertainment and science to education and politics, the importance of keeping it free of covert biases and censorship also grows.
The story of decentralized AI is the story of Bitcoin. It's the ambition to harness the true power of AI, while keeping it free from biases and censorship. And sharing the upside potential with the network participants.
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